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Deoxyribonucleic Acid Storage and Examination System
nickel, brass, copper, magnifying lenses, glass test tubes, my DNA, my blood, my hair, corks, resin, rubber washers, screws, paper, plasti dip, felt, wax

As many of you know, I had a hard time feeling finished with this piece. I ended up fabricating a test tube rack and more samples to complete it. I’m very happy with the result.

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I have some exciting news!

Earlier today I was featured on Crafthaus! It’s a great website where artists interact and network. I always look forward to the Featured Artists email and was delighted to find that I was one of them! (

The piece featured is from my body of work from Fall 2011 involving interaction & communication.

I have some new pieces from earlier this year that I’m waiting to take proper images of… so those should be up relatively soon.

I’m also working a new series that I am very excited about. (It involves a lot of dense science stuff…I’ve been doing a lot of research!). I promise I’ll be pumping out some wonderful things in the coming months!

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Brass. Copper. Brass Tubing. Rubber washer. Liver of sulfur patina.

This brooch wraps around the fleshy side of your torso. Another individual can pinch the wearer using the tweezer mechanism in the center. This series of brooches are ‘prosthetics’ for people who have difficulty touching or being touched. Like a hearing aid would help someone with a hearing disability, these brooches aid those with physical communication problems.

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